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What is a "Diet"?

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It took me many years in clinical practice as a Gastroenterologist to find the right diet to support. The right "diet" for me.

Welcome to my new blog. I will be using this space to connect with my patients, readers, and community in a way that’s current and interesting.

Think of it as an ongoing conversation where I can share updates about health, medicine, nutrition, business, trends, news, and more.

A meal I made at home in 8 min

Why I am sharing my diet with you?

I lost 15 pounds in 3 months. Decreased ~5% body fat. I changed my approach to eating and portion control. I saw a shift in my life on many levels.

"To me, a diet is the kinds of food a person eats, the lifestyle choices that surround those decisions and overall balance of one's life." My coach

What is my diet?

One based on simple, healthy choices, and easy to prepare meals.

This is not a starvation diet, but an entire lifestyle change.

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What is the general idea?

No pills. No supplements. No purchased meals.

Even I needed resetting and coaching.

I started to reassess how I ate. How much. How often.

I went to a "coach." Even as a Gastroenterologist—I needed coaching on how to "reset" my "healthy" eating, nutrition, and dietary choices. I needed accountability.

One of my dinners. Prep time = 10 min.


I eat a high fiber, mostly plant-based 🌱 diet, no red meat, drink 4 liters of water a day, exercise, and am focused on keeping nutrition simple. I am sharing what works for me and what I routinely recommend to my patients.

"Balance. Portion control. Keep nutrition simple. Eat Smart. Eat Healthy. 🌱 🌾 🌿"

Need a life "reset"?
By application only.
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